March 9, 2012

Gardening 101: Confession Time!

Since I last posted about the garden back in November, I was in the midst of growing lettuce and greens (collards and mustards). 

Our tomatoes were still going pretty strong too (I bascially took the remaining ones, stewed and canned them--I wound up making soups with them).

The lettuce did well enough to where we were able to use quite a bit of it, but the greens... well that's another story...

Mustard Greens from the Garden
Mustard Greens

Collard Greens from the Garden
Collard Greens

We wound up having our first frost pretty early so while they started off looking pretty good, they quickly went downhill from there.  We were not able to harvest anything from our greens... at all

And now for the confession...since the weather turned so quickly, we pretty much neglected the garden and left everything untouched... we figured we'd just clean up in the late Winter while preparing for our next round of  planting. I felt bad for doing it and hated looking at it, but knew I'd get it together as soon as the time came.

As I went out into the garden the other day to take inventory and see how much work we had to do, this is what I discovered....

That's right! My greens are growing!!! See my previous pictures here.  While I felt so bad about not clearing the garden from last year's garden, it actually did some good! We had a pretty mild Winter so I guess it wasn't enough to kill them off!  Each plant is growing... not one has gone to waste.  I'll start back watering them and keeping and eye on them to see how they do (and will of course keep you posted)!  What a blessing and a great way to start off my gardening season!

Are you planting anything in your garden this Spring? If so, share it here!  Also, feel free to check out previous gardening posts here.


Kristin said...

We had the same thing happen with some root vegetables we had overlooked. It was a wonderful spring surprise!