January 18, 2012

Family Time: Recipe Preservation & Organization

Recipe Book OrganizationFor those of us who love to throw down in the kitchen, you know just how chaotic it can be.  Utensils and appliances everywhere… dishes all around… recipes all over the place…

One consistent issue that has come up time after time is how to keep your recipes organized and keep them from being destroyed.  While I ultimately chose a combination of methods, there are several ways to keep recipes…

-Online: You can type up your recipes and store them on a variety of sites or in a simple system like Microsoft Word.  Either way, you can quickly go to your recipes with the click of a button!

-Written: Like our mothers and grandmothers, written/scribbled recipes and notes are often our “go to” or default choice!

-Memory: Well this is for those that are truly skilled in the kitchen! I, unfortunately, am not one of them! While I can recall some recipes, we’ve expanded our catalogue of recipes far beyond my brain’s capacity!

-Use Recipe Books: Using a combination of various recipe books, marking your favorites along the way, makes for a helpful, quick and easy reference.

Recipes-Combination Method: You may find it helpful to use a variety of these recipe resources to help out in the kitchen!  Any combination of these methods can be helpful… as long as you have them readily available!

Personally, I have my “go to” recipes typed online as well as printed out in a little recipe book.  This works great in our house so that if my husband has to fix a meal, he knows exactly where to go and has the tools he needs to be successful in the kitchen!  I even have each recipe placed in a sheet protectors so that they aren’t prone to spills, etc... yes, I’m just that compulsive!  Plus, there’s not much room for errors considering it’s all typed and not hand-written J 

How do you like to keep those precious and treasured recipes that your family loves??


shopannies said...

love recipes and one thing that I did with my oldest daughter to get her ready to move out of the house was to create a cookbook of her favorites using construction paper, recipe cards and magazines we found her foods that she loved and created a cookbook that she continues to have even now

Bake Up, Little Suzy said...

I opened a gmail account just for recipes found online. I like it because you can tag each recipe with labels like "poultry," "appetizer," "healthy," "chocolate," etc., rather than moving them to a single folder or creating copies for different folders.

Once I've prepared a recipe, I'll save it to a Word doc. Works for me!

Kristin said...

I have recipes all over the place, and am working to collect them into one binder. Also, as my children learn to make a recipe on their own I make a copy for their own binder.

Emily @ Random Recycling said...

I finally did the recipe binder with all of my magazine swipes and print-outs. In addition to that and Pinterest, I feel so much more organized.